Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thursday, April 10th, 2014----Day +3 Since Surgery

Update from Cameron's mom, Jill, this morning at 11am:
Cyrena is doing great! She's off all machines and even got up and walked a little this morning!! She looks so good. What a champion mama she is! Praise the Lord for His goodness.
Cyrena is such a trooper!

 Update from Jill at Noon:
OK everyone... Pray. Cyrena is adjusting to getting pain relief from oral meds and being up. She is experiencing a lot of pain at the moment. The nurse put the monitor back on and she is contracting. Please pray!
Update from Cyrena’s mom, Julie, at 1:40pm:
Immediate prayer. .Cyrena has started contracting and low grade fever...serious situation..please pray
Update from Jill at 2:30pm:
They are checking everything…pray no infection.
Update from Julie at 2:45pm:
Update!! Prayer fever disappeared. ..contractions have slowed! !! She is finally comfortable. The nurse she didn't know how her fever disappeared. .! Will keep you updated.
Update from Jill at 3:30pm:
OK, no infection. Ultrasound was good. She was able to get up and go to the bathroom which helped. Clark’s heart rate is a little high. Contractions are much less both in time and intensity. We still need them to stop and for Clark’s heart rate to come down.
We just learned how quickly things can turn, but praise God His Hand remains steady.
Update from Jill at 5pm:
Cyrena is doing much better. They think it was a combination of bladder issue and not staying ahead of the pain. Cyrena had a low grade fever and they said if there had been an infection they would have delivered Clark today! Praise God that didn't happen!! Clark's heart rate has come back down, too. We are all breathing once again!
Update from Cyrena at 5:45pm:
Today has been okay. I had a rough start this morning and was contracting for over an hour. We are very excited that the contractions slowed, we want to keep Clark in there for at least 2 months! I'm doing so much better now but I'm still having abdominal pain. (Which is normal and expected) Clark's heart rate has been high today and they aren't too concerned about it because overall his movements and such are great! Thank you for all your love, prayers and support!
Update from Julie at 8:45pm:
Dearest friends and family, Cyrena came through all the pain and contractions.. Fever gone and is resting comfortably. I am pretty sure that this was the worst day of my life and the best day of my life. She was amazing..breathing through the contractions..following instructions..a new iv and other sticks..uncomfortable positions..hands in sensitive areas..poking..prodding and on top of it dealing with two major surgery sites. Lyle and I are so proud of this young mother. Our son in law couldn't be more attentive, caring and strong. God indeed knew he picked the right parents for our little guy Clark. As for all of blessed we are for every one of you for the love you send us thru likes and comments. I thank God for all of you and ask that He bless you all for helping us through this journey..

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