Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014--Day +2 Since Surgery

From Julie at 12:30pm:
Update: it was so wonderful to walk into Cyrena's room and hear her sweet voice and see her smile! They will take her off the med that stops contractions and remove the epidural this afternoon. It may be a rough transition, but evidently an improvement. Cameron is doing well considering his constant care of Cyrena. Clark is moving around and they have to chase him around Cyrena's abdomen to attach the heart monitor. It took half an our followed by an ultrasound to find him hiding out the lowest area he could find! Thanks for checking in and Julie

From Jill at 12:30pm:
Cyrena slept through the night! Praise the Lord! Cam was able to get some sleep, too. They would like for her breathing to be deeper, her oxygen is now in her mouth. Please pray that with breathing exercises she will get deeper breaths. 

From Jill at 2:30pm:
More praises to God! Cam was having to take this week off work with no pay. His coworkers have donated vacation days to him for this week!!! Can you even?? My dear friend Lisa said to me early on "Our Father has this..." And does He ever. Praise His Name.

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