Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday, April 7th--Surgery Day!

Update from Cyrena's Mom, Julie at 1:45pm--
Prayers please...Cyrena just went back for her surgery...I am at a loss for words...thanks for the prayers along the way. I am a mess...yes I know God is all over this, but I just seem to be scared anyway...Cameron is amazing and peaceful...Lyle is about like me:) As soon as we have updates I will share.....thanks for your support .....she should be out in 4-5 hours..

 Update from Cameron's Mom, Jill, at 5:35pm--
 We are giving all the glory to God...the doctors said that everything went just like clockwork!! They finished Clark's part in UNDER 20 minutes. They were able to use his own skin for closure and did not have to use a skin patch. Only the Lord... Cyrena did so well, that sweet little Mama. She is in recovery with Cam. Now our prayer is that there will be no contraction...s and that Clark's spine and cerebellum will settle in their right place. We are overwhelmed with God's grace to us. He heard and answered your prayers. May you all be blessed as you have blessed us!

Update from Julie at 5:45pm--
Praise God!! Surgery is done, Cyrena is awake and Clark is a trooper! ! thank you all for your prayers and thoughts and support. Please continue. .He listens and is pouring out blessings! I will keep everyone updated...

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