Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tuesday, April 8, 2014--Day +1 Since Surgery

From Jill at 10am:
OK everyone Cyrena is having a rough morning. They were told to expect today to be the worst day. She's had a few contractions also expected but we want them to stop. Please pray. Clark's doing fine. Starting to wake up and move which is good but adds to the pain. Thank you so much.

From Julie at 11:15am:
Update: Cyrena, Cameron, and Clark's journey continues. The meds that stop contractions cause great discomfort for Cyrena. Because they angered the uterus with the surgery it wants to contract. She is fighting the pain like a trooper and they told her it would be the most miserable for the next two or three days. Your love, concerns and messages have been appreciated and amazing. ..I can't thank you enough...when I feel down I remember all of you behind us...Cyrena is amazing...as tired and in pain as she is, she is being so strong and sweet..smiling at her medical team and thanking them...

From Jill at 4:30pm:
Cyrena is now sleeping pretty well. Really the first time all day. Thank you for praying. Cam is good. He's very tired, but being such a good husband and daddy!

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